Roger Palacios

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Roger Palacios is a long term student at Pokémon Technical. Tending to keep himself to himself due to the growing age gap between him and the other students at PokeTech, Roger attempts to complete his courses with the same accuracy as his younger brother Astin.

The reason for his continued determination lies with his parents, who shelled out the heavy one off payment in order for both of their sons to get the best education. Unfortunately, Roger suffers with a terrible memory as a result of his Opticus Penetra, and can never seem to recall enough to get through the exams.




Roger bears all the sight quirks of those with Opticus Penetra. His battling style is a mixture of defence followed by offence - using delay tactics to get a good idea of his opponents' moveset before retaliating.



Roger enjoys watching traditional magic shows, because his sight condition spoils the more modern shows for him. He also has an interest in Targology, the study of Ocian-specific minerals. He dislikes ghost types and using computers.











[information unavailable]

Sand Tomb
Crush Claw
Aerial Ace
Sand Attack



Roger Palacios


26 (in 1995)



Hometown Silver City, KA

Astin Palacios (Brother)

Class Pokemon Tech Student
First Episode ???