Ruka Naguri

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Ruka Naguri is an Orrean Team Rocket Elite rank agent.







Ruka is a young woman of very little words, preferring to let her actions do the talking.




Ruka was born into the shadiness of Pyrite Town and raised by her mother after her father was imprisoned on a long term sentence. She faced the challenges of her environment from the start, being the only girl her age in the north side of town, and would often get into fights after arguments regarding her family and her abilities.


As time passed Ruka became addicted to the adrenaline rush that occurs during fighting, and thus continued her activities, consequently dominating the neighbourhood. She was given the nickname 'Fisticuffs' after her habit of battling without the use of Pokémon.


Once the 'opponents' of Pyrite became predictable, Ruka left town in search of more entertaining opponents for satisfying her fighting addiction - even challenging wild pokémon in the nearby woodlands of Fiore. She was recruited into Team Rocket by Marc Bristo, who took note of her raw potential, especially for his own uses.





Ruka Naguri


15 (in 2001)



Hometown Pyrite Town, OR
Relatives n/a
Class Team Rocket Elite Agent
First Episode


'Ruka Naguri' is created by "Ruka" and has been used with permission.