Marc Bristo

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Marc Bristo is a Team Rocket Elite with a specialist role in the Talent Scouting division. Joined to the organization by a simple means of trade, Marc's skill set makes him best suited to espionage.


Marc is very self centered and out for his own interests. He and Rose were in a relationship at one point, something Marc later broke off following his promotion.




Marc's Pokémon Coordinating skills are quite unusual. He dislikes battling, and during the final rounds of Pokémon Contests he will try everything and anything to win points without having his Pokémon lay a blow on the opponent. In a similar fashion, all Marc's Pokémon partners are trained to avoid physical attacks with expert precision.




Besides being averse to using Pokémon in battles, Marc refuses to eat meat as he considers it a form of cruelty. As a result his body contains none of the Poke-proteins that make the meat-eating inhabitants of the Pokémon World so resilient.




Marc's father once owned one of the biggest plots on Sinnoh's Iron Island. As the mines were cleared of all useful material, however, the Bristo family were forced to find other means of gathering an income. They set up a system of evolution stone processing and distribution soon after, upon Marc's suggestion.


Unbeknownst to the family, they had been gathering a good portion of their resources from one of Team Rocket's subsidiaries for some time. Marc had made connections with the organization and had been receiving and passing on evolution stones mined by Team Rocket in exchange for a seemingly useless family heirloom.


On top of this, Team Rocket had also granted him a bodyguard in the form of Team Rocket Elite, Ruka Naguri.


With his new bodyguard Marc has become more adventurous, feeling safer in the knowledge that Ruka shall fight his corner while he can stand back and spectate without the risk of injury.


One of Marc's most notable Rocket achievements was during one of his Contest scouting missions, where he spotted and consequently recruited Stuart Fendel. Feeling a kinship with Marc, Stuart became his apprentice.




Marc Bristo


20 (in 2001)




Hearthome City, SI

Relatives n/a
Class Team Rocket Talent Scout
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