Time Ripple

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A Time Ripple is mild feedback in space-time fabric that occurs following a Celebi's time jump. It acts as a place marker for a Celebi to return to the same spot for travelling. Open time ripples are usually created by Celebis which are new to time travel, or who intend to return to the exact same time period they came from - as it lessens the chances of a collision with objects that exist in the other time period, but not the one they are currently visiting.

Time Ripples left open restore themselves after 24 hours. Artificial tampering with a time ripple as been known to cause dangerous reverberations in the Aura Network. One such instance of tampering by Grings Kodai drained Aura from all plantlife in the surrounding area. Time ripples are tainted with the elemental energies of the Celebi that created them. Harnessing these energies allows other beings to see into the time period the Celebi has arrived from.

Space Ripples are also a phenomenon produced by Diguards, but these are more fleeting in nature, as location of interdimensional travel is a lot less of a priority than it is during time travel.