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Deoxys is the name given to a pair of bio-mechanical beings originating from Lunas.

Its outer body - which can change between several forms at will - is made of a currently unidentified substance, and surrounds a crystalline core which acts as the brain and power source. So long as the core remains unharmed, Deoxys' regeneration capacity is almost limitless.

One Deoxys has a purple core, while the other has a green core. This seems to be purely for identification purposes, as their abilities remain the same.

Samples of Deoxys' outer body material have been shown to contain almost bacterial qualities. These strains were extracted and studied intensively by Holon scientists.

Deoxys' visual capabilities are easily disturbed by the electromagnetic emissions of machines and organic life forms.



One of the two Deoxys was first sighted over the Phrossan ice fields by Professor Rodric Lund back in 1993. Lund was the man to name the species, inspired by their unusual forms which somewhat resembled DNA.

Due to their unauthorized entry through the atmosphere, the purple core Deoxys which managed to escape its rock prison found itself preyed upon by Rayquaza who seemingly destroyed it. Four years later, this same Deoxys returned and underwent a thorough search to find the green core of its partner in LaRousse City, Hoenn. The odd way it went about searching caused much confusion amongst LaRousse's inhabitants.


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The Deoxys were created by Lunari scientists as a response to learning about Mewtwo's existence on earth. It is estimated they came into existence around 1990FD, and are named Denai and Reina, respectively.

With their primary function as guardians of the moon, the Deoxys are treated as no less of a species because of their demi-artificial nature and are thus both well developed in their reasoning and morals.

Members of Eclipse have tried to destroy these guardians in the past - it is thought their descent to earth encapsulated in meteoric rock had been one of these attempts. Studies of this rock showed its composition nullified any attempts the Deoxys might make to regenerate.



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This ability could be compared to the Zubat species line's echolocation. It can scan through a limited depth of debris to reveal the signature of a target. Thus far it seems to only be relevant for Deoxys to locate its partner.



This curious ability to produce many 'hive mind' copies of itself has been one of Deoxys' most-researched abilities. These copies were shown to have great physical strength, but lack any of the original's special attacks and were easily destructible.


Aura Wielding

While this power may not be psychic-based, Deoxys has shown an aura-handling ability of sorts. This has been used to fly, move obstacles and generate shields and energy spheres as a means of attack.


Interdimensional Travel

Deoxys has been shown able to pass between Realspace and Cyberspace. It is unsure as to the extent of its travelling abilities there.


Deoxys has shown two methods communication. Its first method is not quite yet understood and involves the projection of light-wave based data from its crystal core.

A similar, more sentient method of projection was also uncovered by the green core Deoxys. It allowed this Deoxys' consciousness to travel beyond its core and interact with the son of Professor Lund. This method may have only been accomplishable due to the environment the green core Deoxys had been placed in.

Deoxys second method of is more -based and covers both human and Pokémon languages.

During a period of time where its ability to speak in an understandable language was impaired, one of the Deoxys tapped into the mind of a gifted Meowth and used its human language talents to convey its thoughts.