Charon Baumtogh

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Charon Baumtogh is an ex-commander of the disbanded Team Galactic. Highly intelligent and responsible for the organization's technical affairs, Charon oversaw the procedures which created the Red Chains Cyrus Titian attempted to use to harness and control Palkia and Dialga. He managed to evade arrest when the other commanders were taken into custody, and took much of this research and data with him upon leaving the organization.


Charon is very laid back, even in crisis situations. His loyalties to other humans are somewhat fickle, lending help to those who can further the progress of his own work through financial contributions.








As a child, Charon encountered and befriended a plasma-like creature he named Rotom. He was fascinated by the creature's ability to enter and control machines and, following his graduation from engineering school, centered all his own research and development around Rotom's mysterious properties.


In order to gain money to fund his ambitious project, Charon took to working for Silph Co. - sharing the information he had gathered on Rotom.


A combination of studying Rotom and Orre's Battle SIM projectors allowed Charon to create solid hologram technology, something he later tested in a hotel environment in generating most of the building's staff.


Charon's physical holograms were pitched to Cyrus for creating Team Galactic's grunts, but were turned down in favour of Erys Heritor's more practical virtual/organic hybrid 'Zeroes', which did not require cumbersome generators to remain functional. 





Charon Baumtogh


73 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, SI


Class Engineer