Cory Simmons

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Cory Simmons is an experimental shape shifter pokémon created by Team Rocket, but spends the majority of their time in a human guise.

Cory began life feeling unhappy with their original Zecutynr form because it only served to remind them of the organization which created them. After meeting Errol Simmons, they began to accept themself more and took on the nickname "Copi", which the man gave them based on their abilities. Their human name eventually derived from that, with their last name being the same one Errol had adopted. Their human appearance is a mixture of Cilan, Chili and Cress Noiryo - whom Cory crossed paths with in Sarthest City, Tatto.

They look up to Errol as both a mentor and a dearest friend and never leaves his side for very long.




Being part Virtual Type, Cory is faster on information uptake than most newly-formed pokémon. As a result, they've adapted to their environment well.




Cory is very sociable and loves spending time with his friends, particularly Denise Nichols, whose talents they admire, and Tate Sullivan, whom they feel a connection with due to part of their DNA having originated from Tate's Ditto.






Cory Simmons


6 mnths (in 2001)



referred to as male

Hometown Dustry City, TA


Class n/a
First Episode UL7 - The Crusade