Errol Simmons

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Errol Simmons is an ex-member of Team Rocket and a fun loving, young-at-heart character with many a string to his talent bow.

Errol initially appeared to be a grumpy, reclusive doormat of a figure. Mute by choice, he fulfilled all his duties as a Rocket grunt without question or protest, and spent most of his time in the recreation area once used by Rank B operatives. It wasn't until the arrival of a young man from outside HQ walls that the fighting spirit was re-ignited in Errol, and his true personality began to emerge.

Contrary to what most had assumed, Errol is in fact an emotionally-charged man with a lot to say. He is not only philosophical, imaginative and a touch eccentric, but also holds some strong views on things and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He occasionally utters malapropisms.

Generally cheery and optimistic about life, Errol sometimes slips into periods of quietness and deep thought. His flexibility, loyalty and quirky sense of humour makes him one of the easiest to get to know amongst the TR Exiles.



Errol’s sight and hearing capabilities are beyond that of most humans. His movements have an unusual fluidity and he is an expert at stealth. He's good at picking locks, tracking, acrobatics and piloting airborne transport. He has a particularly high resistance to electricity and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He also has a knack for invention, though the ideas he generates tend to be a little odd, somewhat impractical and have little to no use in everyday life.



Errol is very social, and quite an exhibitionist. He loves dressing up in costume, acting out a part, and has no qualms in accepting even the most bizarre of roles. Yet, on the other side of the coin, Errol also enjoys periods of deep contemplation. He has a taste for fast food and occasionally plays the guitar. He isn't particularly fond of dancing.





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Errol Simmons


30 (in 2001)

Appearance is of someone in their 40s



Hometown New Bark Town, JO


Class n/a

Errol started life in pokémon shape. His egg was selected as one of a limited number of specimens that were genetically modified as part of an underground alter-evolution project carried out by Professor Ein Bohrgram. However, Bohrgram's laboratory was discovered before he was able to finish his work, and the remaining eggs salvaged.

These eggs stayed at New Bark Laboratory until hatching, wherein they were checked and confirmed as healthy baby pokémon. Errol was adopted by a wealthy family as a gift for their daughter who had just obtained her trainer's license. Not long afterward, he was carelessly abandoned by the frustrated child, following an inability to learn from any TMs.

As a Meowth, Errol had always felt different from the pokémon around him. This feeling -along with a desire for the luxuries of fast food- drove him toward the place he recalled seeing so often during the town's movie sessions at the local baseball ground near New Bark Town, Johto.

Inspired by what he saw on the movie screen, Errol was inspired to get himself to Hollywood, Kanto by any means possible. There he met and developed a crush on a spoiled pokémon named Meowzie, who seemed obsessed with humans. Errol attempted to make himself as human as possible so Meowzie would adore him. But these efforts were not enough for Meowzie, who simply wanted the pampering that only the wealthy could give her.

Heartbroken, Errol vowed to only look out for himself from then on. However, he continued in search of appreciation and mistakenly found it in the realms of Team Rocket. Intrigued by the Pokémon's ability to talk human speech, Giovanni assigned Errol a position with two of his more promising operatives at the time - Jessie Matthews and James Morgan. His boldness, persuasive demeanour and ability to translate for other pokémon made him a useful asset in the duo's works. He was also responsible for the creation of a lot of their more abstract mecha.

Following an unexpected demotion from Active Duty after a hitch developed in their long-term tracking mission, Errol was re-assigned a position as translator for Tatto HQ's espionage pokémon. During this time, his medical data was brought to the attentions of Prof. Bohrgram, who was now working for Team Rocket. The professor managed to persuade Errol to allow him to complete his work by activating the dormant gene sequence within the Pokémon. However, once medical assessor Gloria Simmons became aware of Prof. Bohrgram's ulterior motives, she stole the capsule Errol had been placed in and brought him to her quarters to adjust to his humanity away from prying eyes.

Errol's first name was inspired by a historical Sinnohan explorer, while his last name was adopted from Gloria's, as Gloria considered him to be family.



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