Rosemary Weston

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Rosemary Weston, known to most as 'Rose', is an ex-Team Rocket operative who primarily worked in the Intermediate Rank, but was later relocated to medical bay duties following the rank's dissolution.

Smart and cool-headed for the most part, Rose has a talent for leading the pack and forming elaborate plans of action. Prior to losing her Intermediate status, Rose was known as a master of disguise.




Rose is able to sew and has a decent amount of human biology knowledge, gathered from her time in the Team Rocket medical bay. She also has a good eye for counterfeit products.



Rose loves coffee, cappuccino in particular, ice type pokémon and dressing up in elaborate outfits.
She takes an interest in both spiritual and supernatural anomalies due to events that occurred during her childhood and early teens.



Rose's involvement with Team Rocket began shortly after the discovery of an abandoned Articuno egg out in the Kantoan mountains. Having grown close to the Articuno following its hatching, young Rose had difficulty coming to terms with being told by visiting Agrarian Seers that she would have to let it go - in order for it to contribute to the weather cycle. Upon reaching adolescence, Rose ended up leaving home in order to train Ice type Pokémon, but fell in with a group of youths who all used disabling methods in order to win their battles. They signed up for Team Rocket during one of their undercover recruitment schemes, thinking it would be a quick way of getting money, and Rose followed suit.

Rose considered life in Team Rocket pretty harmless, but it wasn't until her involvement with Marc Bristo that she began to re-assess her life choices.








As chilled as her element suggests, Sia isn't a big talker, but she is far from detached. It takes a lot to phase her. Sia enjoys the company of others but also appreciates her alone time. She has been with Rose prior to her joining Team Rocket.

Ice Beam
Mirror Coat
Rain Dance


Rosemary Weston


21 (in 2001)



Hometown Viridian City, KA


Class n/a

The wig used for Rose's 'Sascha Anderson' identity in Ultimatum.