Todd Hammond

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Todd "Snap" Hammond is a keen Pokémon photographer, currently residing in Tatto.




Todd is said to be able to capture any Pokémon on film. He has developed a variety of techniques to create the best settings for his shots.




Todd most enjoys capturing Pokémon in natural settings. Therefore he tries his hardest to keep himself concealed and unnoticed by his photographic targets.




Todd is the youngest son of Golle Hammond, owner of the Hammonds breakfast foods chain - Kanto's largest provider of various popular cereals. As a result, Todd was expected to contribute to the family business by helping supervise factory workers, as his two older brothers did.


However, Todd showed a fascination for cameras. At first, it was simply to watch the little pieces of paper come out of the slot every time he pressed the big shiny button, but as he grew, his interest in the true meaning of the pastime grew also. From the age of thirteen he took up travelling in search of the rarest Pokémon he could capture on film.


At 15, Todd was invited by Professor Oak -who had heard of his skills with photography- to document the Pokémon living upon Ascorbia Island in the Orange Archipelago - an abandoned industrial location the researcher had bought especially for the purposes of study.


Despite achieving notability in the creative world, Todd found his confidence crushed when he took up his first commission only to receive major criticism and stolen photography techniques. Following this, he settled down to a more stable but far less exciting job as a radio DJ.





Todd Hammond


19 (in 2001)



Hometown ???, ??

Golle Hammond (Father)

Rekau Hammond (Mother)

Kirk (Brother)

Phillip (brother)

Class Photographer
First Episode IL055 - Pokémon Paparazzi