Dark Ball

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The Dark Ball is a variant of Pokéball devised by ex-Team Rocket Super Elite operative Byron Daray, incorporating research from Cipher's Shadow Pokémon project.

A Dark Ball works by implanting a psychic transmission receiver, similar to how most Pokéballs implant Trainer IDs, which is then used to harness the victim Pokémon in Distortia and negative emotions transmitted from the Dark Ball's user via the control helmet they wears. This allows said user to control the Pokémon's actions.



Dark Ball 0.1 overrode the controlled Pokémon's moves with Shadow Moves, which negated all type differences. It also temporarily forces a Pokemon's Level to 100. However, it suffered from the same flaw that plagued the Shadow Pokémon project. A controlled Pokémon could override its 'programming' if an outside source was able to remind it of positive memories.


Dark Ball 0.2 resolved the override issues from its previous version, implementing an audio block protocol which ensures the only voice the controlled Pokémon would hear is the one belonging to the figure wearing the control helmet.

Further modifications allow the user to unlock abilities in the controlled Pokémon that were previously unattainable.