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Samiya - also known as the Spear of the Oceans - is an incredible piece of architecture constructed using a variety of advanced techniques. Despite its size, it is difficult to track and even harder to study, due to the nature of its cloaking devices and the means used to enter. It is considered to have been the crowning glory of the Pokélantean civilisation and the product of one of its biggest injustices.

The Akusha were the ones responsible for the construction of Samiya. Led by King Vyctra to believe that Samiya was intended as a temple to the water Pokémon and a place of refuge for their people, they worked diligently to create the beautiful building. However, Samiya was purposed as nothing more than a glamorous war machine - commissioned as part of the Pokélantean emperor's intentions to expand his kingdom by dominating the seas.

The building was not only designed with manoeuvrability but also stealth in mind. Its cloaking device is highly advanced for its time and can only be penetrated by the light rays emitted by a lunar eclipse.


Though it looks nothing like a seafaring vessel, Samiya contains an 'engine' of sorts - a collection of modified Taragirite crystals dubbed as "The Sea Crown", due to the formation they are set in. These crystals maintain the stability of the building's shields which enable it to submerge and still retain oxygen.


The Sea Crown has its own security system in the form of yellow Expanon-type energy which, in the past, was used by Pokélantean guards to fly above and below the waters surrounding Samiya, in order to patrol them.


Samiya also contains a limited AI - it is most prominent in the Melodus-activated water doorway and during a person's interactions with the Sea Crown.


The monetary value of the Sea Crown alone was enough to draw thieves and jewel collectors into attempts to bargain and steal it away from Pokélantis. Worried of their 'temple' being despoiled, the Akusha engaged Samiya's cloaking device and sent it off into the sea, where only Manaphy would be able to find it.


It is thought that Samiya is the result of mankind's first experiments with Digita Material, but it is presently unknown as to how such material would have been obtained or manipulated.