Carrlin Yagera

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Carrlin Yagera is a rogue Lunari Eclipse OC agent working for Dasan. He is a curious-natured character whose mental age and intelligence far advances that of his physical appearance. Bitter, volatile and self-orientated, Carrlin greatly dislikes people and prefers to work alongside steel type Pokémon in the field. He is not afraid to break bones to get what he wants.

Under the grudges and temperamental nature, Carrlin is philosophical at heart. He feels very insecure about himself, covering this with bravado and appearing to be egotistical. Part of him hopes that if he works under Eclipse for long enough, they'll fulfil his requests.




Carrlin’s sight and hearing is above average for a human.



Carrlin favours the use of high, sudden power such as explosives, mechanical devices and steel type Pokémon.



Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow



Carrlin Yagera


5 (in 2001)

Mental age is 24



Hometown New Island, OA

Errol Simmons

(Primary DNA Contributor/Brother)

Class Eclipse OC Agent
First Episode Mov01 - Mewtwo Strikes Back

Carrlin started life in pokémon shape - a clone of a Meowth operative from Team Rocket who was caught up in events carried out by Mewtwo. Due to the odd nature of the Meowth's DNA, Carrlin inherited the same traits, though not as accurately. He was unaware of these matters until shortly after Mewtwo sent him and the other cloned pokémon away from Mt. Quena to live elsewhere. Following capture by a budding trainer, Carrlin was rejected due to his inability to learn even the natural moves Meowths should know. Consequently he was traded from Johto to a recipient in Tatto - the trade process initiating his mutation.

However, as Carrlin was a clone of a modified pokémon, his human form was not much larger than that of his Meowth one.

Having tried to accept his existence as a clone and -having been distraught at his abandonment- Carrlin's discovery of his humanity was the last straw. Embittered, he fled his new trainer and sought what he felt would be a better life.




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Carrlin takes multiple visual and personality cues from Carr, a character from the manga "Pokémon Adventures" . His surname is a reference to 'Jagura', the name given to him via the Coronis translation of the manga.