Darius Mayhew

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Darius Mayhew is a Tattoan ex-Team Rocket Admin and Cybertechnician.


Darius is a skilled Baccer player, also adept at Cyberstudies.





As the eldest child in a troubled family, Darius was constantly berated by his incapacitated father who had been injured in his line of work, and took his frustrations out on those around him. Darius' mother struggled to bring in a good income and, in a bid to help his family, Darius stopped pursuing Baccer playing and left home to forge a career doing what he thought would bring the best income - working with computers.

Studying for a time at Pokemon Technical, Darius moved to Orre and worked on underground Cyberstudies projects before being recruited into 'StellarCorp' -a puppet company of Team Rocket.

On a mission to infiltrate Interplexus Inc. Darius met Janice, and two years later they were married. However, the years Darius had spent as part of Team Rocket had caused him to lose track of why he had joined the organisation in the first place. His resulting perfectionism distanced him from his own family.





Darius Mayhew


31 (in 2001)



Hometown Pachna Town, TA

Howard & Candra Mayhew (Parents)

Adam Mayhew (Son)

Class n/a