Darius Mayhew

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Darius Mayhew is a Tattoan ex-Team Rocket Admin and a man previously soured by his childhood past - consequently bringing forth the darkness from his own life into the lives of others while he blindly searched for a notion of prowess.




Darius is a skilled Baccer player, also adept at Cyberstudies.





The eldest child in a disintegrating parentage, Darius was scorned by his incapacitated father who considered him a useless asset to existence, and forced to harden up in an attempt to please him. His mother struggled to bring in a fair income and in a desperate bid to help the family, Darius left home to obtain training and finances to get him and his parents and younger brother out of poverty.

Studying for a time at Pokemon Technical, then later, Sarthest University, Darius moved on to work for 'StellarCorp' -a puppet company of Team Rocket- where he started putting his talents with computer systems and cyber technology to heavy use. His focus narrowed as the years progressed; he lost track of the real reason why he had come to the organisation and began pursuing more self-orientated means. He was determined to prove his father wrong, to show the world he had a purpose.

Only his determination began to take over his whole life.

On a mission to infiltrate Interplexus Inc. Darius met Janice, and two years later they were married. A part of the man was longing for another for company, but the more stifling part of him that strived for perfection in his work was already making sure to destroy the last shreds of kindness within him, and with it the chance of a happy life with his own family.





Ana Scargill


31 (in 2001)



Hometown Pachna Town, TA

Howard & Candra Mayhew (Parents)

Adam Mayhew (Son)

Class n/a