Adam Mayhew

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Adam Mayhew is an ex-Team Rocket operative, and the son of parents drafted into the organization. Never happy with his environment, Adam finally made his escape when a young man from beyond Team Rocket reached out to him and gave him the courage to do so.

Because he spent most of his time within the same four walls, Adam knows little about the new world he finds himself in. He finds it extremely difficult to socialize and more often gets frustrated or retaliates when he can't express himself.




Adam has shown himself to be skilled with a model construction set and a harmonica. His Team Rocket training also provided him with additional resilience and sneaking abilities.




Adam enjoys singing and composing melodies on the fly, though he is unable to write them down due to a lack of knowledge in music theory. He has a strong fear of bird pokémon after an encounter with a skarmory prototype in TR labs as a child and a dislike of James Morgan, but mostly as a result of his popularity and vague physical resemblances to his own father. He occasionally suffers from sensory overload, typically in urban areas.




Spoiler Warning - Major plot details may follow

Adam was born into the Team Rocket organisation. When his father Darius Mayhew discovered his son's birth had been on the same day of his promotion to Elite Rank Admin, he took it as a sign and became determined to make Adam the most skilled Team Rocket operative in history. But his mother Janice, repelled by the unexpected cruelties of her husband’s employment, longed to remove Adam from Team Rocket and all it stood for.

Janice's attempts at escape were met with terrible consequences. Darius and Adam watched, unable to retaliate, as Janice was used as a test subject in the most recent build of P.R.O.C.U. Adam, traumatised by the sight of his mother’s ultimately fatal punishment due to her kindness, became hardened and cynical to protect himself from the same consequences.


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Behind the muscle and flamethrowers, Cyzel is a big softie. He takes his duty as Adam's guardian very seriously, to that point that he overrides his own fears in order to protect. He is a pokémon with simple needs, and is difficult to get in a bad mood.


Crush Claw



Blast Burn



- Adam's voice would resemble that of Edward Furlong during Terminator 2 blended with Veronica Taylor's voice for Ash Ketchum.

- Adam is the second oldest existing original character in the Pokemon Rebirth series, but the youngest of the main cast in "Ultimatum"

Adam Mayhew


13 (in 2001)



Hometown Dustry City, TA

Janice Mayhew (mother)

Darius Mayhew


Ben Nascha (Cousin),

Sylvester Mayhew (Cousin)

Class n/a
First Episode UL3 - Facade

The wig used for Adam's 'Nathan Chenlor' identity in Ultimatum.