Janice Mayhew

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Janice Mayhew is an inventive young woman who once worked for Team Rocket's engineering department.









Passionate about both her work and family, Janice was interested in how things functioned from age 2 and often took apart her toys just to see the insides. She was a fast learner and assisted her father in the creation of Pokéballs in his workshop.

At age 16 she produced a robotic model of a Rattata for a science fair, which earned her recognisable status in public. She was immediately signed up to work for Silph Co's Tattoan sister company, Interplexus Inc., where she met her future husband, Darius Mayhew who was working in the systems administration department.

They were married two years later. Four years after that, at the time of her son's birth, Janice learned Darius' true occupation was as an operative of Team Rocket. Darius insisted the employment was not only well-paid but beneficial to society as a whole. Janice began to lend her skills to Team Rocket as a vital part of machine development, unknowingly constructing parts of what were to become ruthless and cruel robotic devices.

But Darius had a darker plot up his sleeve. He was determined to make his son into a model criminal; adamant the fact he had been born on the day of the man's promotion to Elite status had been a sign.

When Janice caught on to Darius' motives she was horrified and planned to leave, taking Adam with her. She was caught trying to escape and subjected to the full brunt of one of the first prototypes for Project Rebirth.




- "Beilani" (Sandshrew)

- "Ittybit" (Witukae)

Janice Mayhew


28 (in 1993)



Hometown ???, TA
Relatives Adam Mayhew (Son)
Class Engineer
First Episode n/a