Maximilian Carter

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Maximilian "Max" Carter is quite perceptive and intelligent for his age. He has always held a fascination for the world around him and is constantly searching for new knowledge to take in and share with others. Originally he sought to be a Pokémon Trainer, inspired by Ash Ketchum, but later began an apprenticeship under Devon Corporation, learning how to do maintenance on Pokémon Center equipment and other machines.





As the son of an Akushan descendant, Max's aura levels appear to be slightly more heightened than other people. In the past this, coupled with his youth, has seemed to have made him more approachable by psychic pokémon.


Max also has an extensive knowledge of various things relating to pokémon, resulting from several years of dedicated home schooling.




Max enjoys having authority - this has often shown up in his attempts to boss around his older sister May and his constant separations of Brock Harrison from many women.


He also likes gadgets and greatly treasures the first PokéNav he was given by the president of Devon Corp.









Max Carter


11 (in 2001)



Hometown Petalburg City, HN

Caroline Carter (mother)

Norman Carter


May Carter


Class Apprentice Technician
First Episode