Alyth Enara

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Alyth Enara is the Scale Falls Gym leader and the somewhat arrogant daughter of a wealthy man who owns a Tattoan clothes franchise. She has little tolerance for those who boast and cannot back up their words with actions, and is not afraid to speak her mind. However, while she can be sharp towards other people, Alyth shows her pokémon extra special care and attention.




Despite her young age, Alyth is a skilled wielder of Light Type Pokémon. She also has a knack for design, and has contributed outfit ideas to her father's fashion collections.




Alyth is obsessed with cleanliness and the latest fashions. She loves Pokémon Contests, and models her matches on them accordingly. Those who create beautiful battles are admirable in her eyes.











Previous bad experiences with humans as a Dratini had left Keval to grow up with a strong distrust of the species. He kept himself to himself for several years, until his evolution into a Dragonite, wherein he began working for a mysterious figure with a similar distaste for humans. Most of his duties involved delivering messages and transporting goods, though once he was instructed to abduct a woman whom his employer brainwashed and later made his servant. Keval never questioned these actions - his employer had promised a world where human cruelty and domination was to be wiped out, so the Dragonite saw every step to reach that goal as justified.

In a bizarre turnaround, however, Keval's employer changed his mind and gratefully, but firmly, dismissed him. Having lost his newfound purpose, Keval wandered aimlessly before crossing paths with a human girl named Alyth. The girl was determined to befriend Keval and, while he made it far from easy to do so, an unsteady companionship began to form between the two.

While still wary of humankind, Keval isn't as biased towards them as he used to be. He is very close to Alyth and trusts her implicitly. His power and speed combine with a surprising grace to make him a formidable competitor on the field.

Draco Meteor


- "Artimus" (Salamence)


Gym Leaders of the Tatto Region


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Alyth Enara

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Alyth Enara


14 (in 2001)



Hometown Scale Falls, TA

William Enara (Father)


Gym Leader

Scale Falls Purity Medal

Test of Finesse

First Episode UL16 - Substitute