Transference Ceremony

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A Transference Ceremony is an ancient rite performed between two trainers in order to pass on a Pokémon from one to the other.


In times predating Capture Devices, it was not only considered poor form to hand over a Pokemon to a new trainer, but it was also dangerous as a result of the bonds formed between the Pokemon and its first trainer due to Linking. To circumvent this, the former trainer would break the link between themselves and the Pokémon - effectively releasing it. The new trainer would then attempt to form a link with the same Pokémon.


This was, in time, ceremonialized. A village's residents would gather to watch as the old trainer released their Pokémon, and the new trainer 'captured' them. The ceremony also served the important role of granting the Pokémon the chance to formally approve or disapprove of its new trainer. The Pokémon could either accept the new trainer straight away without a fight, or simply leave the ceremonial grounds and return to the wild. In some cases the Pokémon may also challenge the potential trainer to a battle to decide their worthiness.


Two Transference Ceremonial grounds are still known to exist. They are under Agrarian Seer protection and are located in south-west Sinnoh and west Johto. "Safari Zone" parks such as the ones in Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh continue the traditions of capturing Pokemon without battling them, though under a somewhat more commercialised front.