Lance Zilant

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Lance Zilant is a Light Type dragon pokémon trainer, ToJoh Elite Four Member and high ranking operative of the Pokémon Guardsmen.


A justice seeker by nature, Lance uses his skill and power to seek out criminals and halt their activities. He is the descendant of a powerful clan of Light Type pokémon users.




Lance has learned to tame even the most unstable of draconic Pokémon. His specialties involve aerial combat tactics and long-range attacks through the use of Hyper Beam. In addition, he's taken training courses in several areas of being a secret agent, allowing him to enter enemy territory unnoticed in spite of his fame- a trait known to make ninjas jealous.



Lance's dramatic flair shows in his frequent wearing of capes, an item of clothing that is only removed if he is required to be in disguise.



Born in Blackthorne City, Lance comes from a long line of dragon-tamers, whose history as such predates the invention of mass-produced Pokéballs by over a hundred years. It was at the age of seven that he met and tamed his first pokémon, a Dratini he named Burai. For the next three years his cousin Clair taught him how to bond with his Dratini and bring out its full potential, and when the time was right, Lance began his pokémon journey.

Lance's biggest role model growing up was Wesley Williams, the husband to Cerulean City's Gym Leader Rui. First using infiltration, and then using blunt straightforward heroics, Wes had brought the crime syndicate Cipher to its knees in decades past, and to that day was still a popular freelance crime fighter. Lance's own ancestors were no slouches in the heroics department, and Lance wanted to be the perfect fusion of his ancestors and the modern type of hero represented by Wes. Although he once considered also being a biker like Wes, he never did get a motorbike, as Burai's flying abilities after evolving made ground vehicles unnecessary.

At the time, Team Rocket was not as well-known as a major threat. In preparation for the day when the talents he hoped to build would be needed, Lance honed his powers by competing for badges and in tournaments. With his skill and power, he got far, and although he lost a few of his earliest personal matches, he never lost a single one of his official matches until he met Lorelei Anderson.

Lance was eventually assigned to the role of Elite Four member, one of a small group of specialized trainers paid simply to keep their skills sharp and be ready to defend their region from high-level threats. He was also the first person to simultaneously hold the rank of Elite Four member and League Champion, a position held by a person who is not only amongst the strongest of the strongest, but who also makes a good role model - the ultimate representative of the Kanto and Johto divisions of the Pokémon League.

When Team Rocket's presence gained recognition within the League as a threat, Lance knew his hard work and training was finally going to be put to use. He signed up with the Pokémon Guardsmen organization, an elite detective unit, in order to combat the evils Team Rocket represented. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in stopping such schemes as a weapon for force-evolving Pokémon, and a scheme by Teams Aqua and Magma to take control of Kyogre and Groudon. However, in early 2001, he mysteriously vanished, his whereabouts unknown.




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It was later discovered he'd been discovered by Team Rocket while investigating their headquarters in Tatto, and subjected to their brainwashing machine, the P.R.O.C.U. In the latter stages of Project Rebirth, Lance became part of the pokémon hybrid army, enhanced with the DNA of one of his own Dragonites. He was set free and reverted to his human state at the same time as the other pokémon hybrids.



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- "Burai", "Geki", "Ryouga" (Dragonites)

- "Aeleron" (Aerodactyl)

- "Crimson" (Gyarados) Shiny

- "Kota" (Augret) Given to Caley Wilson

Lance Zilant


29 (in 2001)




Blackthorne City, JO

Relatives Clair Zilant (Cousin)

Elite Four Member

GM Commander

First Episode

JL123 - Talkin' 'bout an Evolution